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Nov 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
person for the obama care website is back on capitol hill, facing questions about the fixes it still needs while the president heads to dallas to do some damage control. it's danielle nottingham reporting. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius is facing another congressional grilling, answering more questions about >> this is unacceptable. it has been disappointing to hear members of the administration say they didn't see the problems coming. >> reporter: today she focused on improvements. technicians are making progress every day. >> in the first few weeks, users had to wait an average of eight seconds for pages to load. today it typically takes less than a second. republicans argue that the problems go deeper. one of the biggest issue is the security of private information consumers have to enter on the website. >> not only can millions of americans not log in successfully, but those who have succeeded can now find themselves at the mercy of identity thieves. >> reporter: the obama administration has promised to release enrollment numbers next week but a house committee ha
Nov 13, 2013 12:00pm EST
but the obama administration hasn't revealed a solution for another problem. how to help almost five million people losing their current policies because they don't meet new government standards. if the white house doesn't find a fix by friday the house will vote on a republican bill that will allow those in the individual insurance market to keep their current policies. that's what president obama repeatedly promised and former president bill clinton says he should keep his word. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law that the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them have what they got. >> reporter: a new poll shows just 44% of americans view the president as honest and trustworthy. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> things could be worked out to allow people to keep old insurance policies. analysts say it would be very difficult for private insurance companies to update their computer systems. >>> maryland delegate heather mizeer chose reverendcoats to be her running mate. she's been a delegate and democr
Nov 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >>> president obama is addressing the affordable care act. daniel reports from wjz from capital hill. >>reporter: president obama is changing a key provision. allowing 5 million american to keep their insurance policy. this happened after wide spreed -- spreed spread issues with people wanting to keep their insurance. the government expected 80% more people to keep their insurance. >>reporter: republicans are much more critical. >> before i do i want to say a few words about the tragedy that has unfolded in the philadelphia over the past few days all of us have been shaken by the devastation. it's a heartbreaking reminder of how again -- short life is. one of our core principals is when friends are in trouble friends help. the u.s. will continue offering whatever assistance we can. our military person nail and aid team do this better then any one in the world. they have helped with air lift. today the ussa car -- carrier gorge washington came today. more help is on the way. america streight has been more about what our government can do but our citizen. the big hearts of the american people. tod
Nov 1, 2013 12:00pm EDT
to average 39,000 a day to meet the goal of 7 million insured americans by march 1st. the obama administration has acknowledged the problem and pledge today have the problems fixed by the end of the month. the white house says that it expected enrollment to start slowly then pick up significantly as the march 31st deadline approaches. >> small business owner phil signed up and is saving $700 a month but he said it took him days to make it happen. >> i don't know of anyone else who has gotten through. >> the other big issue is that insurance companies are telling up to 3 million americans they will lose their current policies because they do not meet new government standards. >> in many cases the inability of an individual to not keep their coverage is because their insurance company has decided to phase out their plan. >> the white house says most of the canceled policies did not provide adequate coverage. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house says it will release official enrollment figures later this month. >>> germany is trying to organiz
Nov 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
a few degrees obama or feels like it. take a look outside now a mix of clouds and sun but more clouds at the moment. wjz's live with first warning weather coverage. marty bass in the outback minus yesterday's scarf. and meteorologist chelsea ingram in the weather center. >> we'll see more cloud cover than we did yesterday throughout the day today. temperatures though will be on the mild side. right now 55 at the airport. we had a chilly start with temperatures bottoming out in the low and mid-30s. now they are on up. we are warmer than where we were this time yesterday. look at the 24-hour temperature change. anywhere from four degrees in cumberland to 12 degrees warmer in elkton. and in the metro. as i mentioned we've got a lot of cloud cover out there. don showed you the live picture. we'll see more throughout the day. also a few peaks of sunshine. the cloud cover is not going to prevent us from reaching up to the mid-30s before it's all said and -- mid-50s before it's all said and done. marty bass? >> 80 plus degrees. the speedo is on, in the 40s. in the 40s -- 80 plus deg
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5